Image Support#

Feedback Datasets#

You can render your images in the Argilla UI using TextField or TextQuestion. Remember to set in both cases use_markdown to True. For additional guidance, refer to the Making Most of Markdown tutorial.


Multimedia in Markdown is here, but itโ€™s still in the experimental phase. As we navigate the early stages, there are limits on file sizes due to ElasticSearch constraints, and the visualization and loading times may vary depending on your browser. Weโ€™re on the case to improve this and welcome your feedback and suggestions!

Other Datasets#

You can pass a URL in the metadata field _image_url and the image will be rendered in the Argilla UI. You can use this in the Text Classification and the Token Classification tasks. These images need to be hosted on a publicly available URL, or private file servers like NGINX, or Minio. A good example of this would be the tutorial by Ben Burtenshaw.