Argilla UI#

Argillaโ€™s UI is designed to offer flexibility in the way you explore, annotate, curate, and analyze your data, depending on what step of your NLP pipeline youโ€™re working on. The platform is designed with a focus on multi-profile users, making it easy and fast to annotate, but also providing powerful filters that allow you to enter deeper into the data analysis.

Whether youโ€™re working on basic exploration or in-depth analysis, Argillaโ€™s UI allows you to move seamlessly between different tasks and offers a powerful way to work with your data and analyze it at any level of detail.

In the following sections, you will find a reference guide to:

  • Pages: Overview of Argillaโ€™s pages and their elements

  • Features: Overview of what the platform can do and how to use it