Install from develop#

If you want the cutting-edge version of Argilla with the latest changes and experimental features, follow the steps below in your terminal. Be aware that this version might be unstable!

First, you need to install the master version of our python client:

 pip install -U git+

Then, the easiest way to get the master version of our web app up and running is via docker-compose:


For now, we only provide the master version of our web app via docker. If you want to run the web app of the master branch without docker, we refer you to our development setup.

 # get the docker-compose yaml file
 mkdir argilla && cd argilla
 wget -O docker-compose.yml
 # use the master image of the argilla container instead of the latest
 sed -i 's/argilla:latest/argilla:master/' docker-compose.yml
 # start all services
 docker-compose up

If you want to use vanilla docker (and have your own Elasticsearch instance running), you can just use our master image:

docker run -p 6900:6900 -e "ELASTICSEARCH=<your-elasticsearch-endpoint>" --network argilla-net --name argilla argilla/argilla-server:develop